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Before You Go

We know what it's like to have forgotten that essential item or detail that would make life away from home that much easier, so here are some tips to take note of before you join us on our courses.

Insurance with World Nomads

world nomads

You will need to have travel insurance on the Zoox Experience Programme that covers you for medical and SCUBA diving (to at least 30m). We highly recommend WorldNomads and you can read all the good reasons why here

Booking your Flights

Book your flights with StudentUniverse

We have a travel partnership with StudentUniverse who will be able to assist you with booking your flights. StudentUniverse is a specialist team of travel consultants that understand what volunteering with Zoox is all about. Operated by Flight Centre, one of the world's leading travel retailers, they are all over the best flight routes, tickets and volunteer placements - the works. Feel free to shoot any questions to them and they’ll be sure to steer you in the right direction. or call them on (+44) 0808 260 9936 

Along with all the advice that they can offer; there are a few other reasons to book your flights with them:

  • Unrivalled product knowledge and expertise
  • Passionate about travel 
  • They promise to offer you the best airfare solution to suit your needs
  • 24-hour emergency assistance helpline
  • Free help and advice on ticket date and reschedule changes


For more information on Visa's please go to Programme Location, choose your Destination and look at the Visa and Money section.

What to Bring 

Here is a list of things we recommend you bring or check beyond your usual travelling routine.


  • Photocopies of Passport, Tickets, Insurance, Drivers Licence etc and also leave some with family/friend back in your home country
  • SCUBA diving certification cards
  • Ticket leaving the Philippines for Immigration (they'll want to see an onward ticket)
  • Clothes and closed shoes acceptable for meetings in Government Departments (you only need one such outfit):

Guys: Shirt / polo neck and trousers, smart jeans will suffice

Gals:  Smart top/shirt, Skirt (covering knees) / trousers, jeans are also acceptable!

Highly Recommended 

If you do not have these items, then we ask you to seriously consider investing in them:

  • Surface Marker Buoy (for diving placements)
  • Diving mask and snorkel
  • Fins and booties
  • Underwater slate
  • Dive kit bag (if you have kit!)
  • Dive Computer (for diving placements)
  • Laptop and charger
  • Mobile phone (unlocked) and charger
  • Small diary and notebook
  • Drivers licence and/or International Driving Permit
  • Universal USB internet stick which accepts internet SIM cards if you have one
  • Plug adapters
  • Shorts and t-shirt (a rashguard is ideal) for swimming in the tropics
  • High factor (30) sun cream – waterproof
  • Small and lightweight medical kit
  • Antihistamine or similar (for bite and sting relief)
  • Mosquito repellent – Although you can buy this abroad for cheaper
  • Small jar of Marmite, Chocolate or tea bags for the Zoox Team (optional but highly recommended!) 
  • Note for the ladies - tampons aren't the easiest items to get in SE Asia - we recommend bringing a supply!

 What to Check

  • Check your Visa status/ requirements (we can help you!)
  • Make sure that you will be able to access your money using an ATM machine. Let your bank know where you are going and get a number that if your card gets blocked you can call them on to unblock it. Also, make sure you know your maximum daily withdraw amount, usually around £300
  • Check your bank cards are in good, clean condition (some ATMs can be quite picky), and we recommend you have a spare
  • Insurance - you will need insurance that covers you for SCUBA diving to recreational limits. We recommend DAN Insurance or World Nomads!

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