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Our main aim is to get people into their dream job in marine conservation. Here are some basic bits of advice and links to help you do just that. We post all the various jobs opportunities and positions that we come across on our Facebook page. 

We highly recommend signing up to Conservation Careers who list hundreds of conservation jobs from around the world and have lots of career resources including advice and interviews with professionals in the sector. 

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Our tips

At Zoox, we get lots of people asking via e-mail or Twitter for help and tips on what they can do to increase their chances of getting their dream job. It is often advice specific to their chosen route or location but there are some common things you can keep in mind to increase those chances.

#1 Research

This is one of the most important things you can do whether it is for a specific job position with a company or whether it is an area in marine conservation that you would like to know more about. Knowledge is your ammunition and the more you know about the role and what is required then the more likely you are to stand out. This will also help you decide what areas of marine conservation it is you would like to focus on as there are so many!

#2 Learn new skills

It is vital to not only keep up to date but the more skills you have the more likely you are to be picked above the rest. Through your research (see #1!) you can identify what skills, achievements and education the people working in your desired job already have. Copy them…

#3 Work experience

There is nothing like learning on the job! Seriously, this not only builds your skills base but also shows dedication and that you are willing to do what it takes to get to your end goal of being paid to do what you love. This can be achieved through becoming an intern, apprenticeship programmes and volunteering positions.

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