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Our team of professional marine scientists and conservationists have been running Zoox Experience Programmes since 2010. When we’re not running courses, our team is working at all levels in the marine conservation sector; you could find us at international UN Conferences, conducting capacity building with National Governments or sitting in our board shorts on beaches consulting with local champions inspiring changes within their communities. 

All this experience means we’re uniquely positioned to pass this knowledge and experience onto our volunteers, and help them brush off their CVs and kick start their careers, whilst supporting them to create real and impactful changes to conserve threatened coastal ecosystems. 

Programme Director - James Harvey

Marine Biology BSc (Hons) - University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 2005


Over the years, JJ has gained valuable experience through working with different NGO’s, Universities and Government Institutions in the UK, Caribbean, Thailand, Malaysia, Maldives, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Philippines. 

Like many of us, JJ’s inspiration for marine conservation came from his diving experience around the world. He is particularly interested in the complex inter-relationship between coastal communities and their environments. This has driven him to tie together conservation and marine biology throughout his career. 

A natural teacher, JJ is always wholeheartedly dedicated to educating people about the wonders and fragility of our marine ecosystems. His background and experience have also led to a more scientific approach to training to help educate to the private and public sector why it is important to reduce their threats to the environment and how they can do this.

JJ is forward thinking when it comes to technology. If he’s not monitoring the weather on his own mini-weather station, he’s on the lookout for opportunities for conservation from the online community and  continues to make our work more accessible to everyone, everywhere. You can follow his tweets directly at @Zoox_Ltd

He continues to work hard at a multi-level approach to conservation for the marine environment and can be contacted directly at

Scientific Director - Chloe Harvey

Marine Biology BSc (Hons) - University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 2005


Chloe has been a keen diver since the age of 12 and is a qualified BSAC Assistant Instructor spending most of her teenage years enjoying the sights of the underwater world around the UK coast. During and after her degree Chloe gained extensive experience working with different conservation organisations and Universities in South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia.

Chloe is committed to developing her career in marine conservation and has worked on various projects in a voluntary capacity over the years. The Green Fins initiative has provided Chloe with an opportunity to develop her skills in project and people management, experimental design, environmental threat mitigation, negotiation, fundraising, reporting and international development while having to get to grips with the intricate food web of conservation funding. Chloe feels privileged to have worked alongside people in parts of the world she would never have had the chance to visit; let alone explore the underwater wonders of.

She recognises the challenges that lie ahead for people wanting careers in Marine Conservation and is now dedicated to finding ways to help these people gain valuable, inexpensive experience while utilising this as a resource for achieving marine conservation impact. 


Senior Programmes Officer - Samantha Craven

Marine Biology BSc (Hons) - University of Plymouth, 2006

Applied Marine Science MSc - University of Plymouth, 2007


Half British, half Filipina, Sam is tasked with the role of training and supporting the volunteers on the ground. She comes from an extensive background in marine biology and conservation. Sam has always had a fascination with the sea and her commitment to conserving the oceans of today is evident in her wealth of experience and passion.

Sam has a strong background in marine biology, education and project management, but she recognised that she needed to prove certain skills vital in the marine conservation sector including working with stakeholders and local governments. She found Zoox the perfect opportunity to put those skills to the test and joined us for the ZEP in March 2012. Her other experiences including working as a Field Biologist and Sea Turtle hatchery coordinator in Malaysia, a Project Manager for an Educational Fieldtrips Co. in Singapore, a Research Assistant for thresher shark research and a Principle Investigator involving  whale shark research in the Philippines. All of this experience, especially that of the ZEP, and her 16 years of diving made her the obvious choice for this role.

Sam continues to work to raise awareness and encourage action for conservation issues, and enjoys working at all levels of conservation, from the inter- and national government level down to environmental education of key local stakeholders. You can follow her tweets directly @madasamarinebio.

Her fun attitude and attention to detail (AKA Grammar Girl!) make her perfect for her role with Zoox and we and the volunteers are very lucky to have her onboard. Sam can be contacted directly at


Programmes Officer - Alan Kavanagh

Marine Biology and Oceanography BSc – Bangor University,  2011

Conservation and Management of Protected Areas MSc – Edinburgh Napier University, 2012


Hailing from the UK, Alan joins us with an excellent background and passion for marine monitoring and conservation. As our Programmes Officer, his main role is to oversee and support you, the volunteers and support our partner projects like Green Fins. Always on site, Alan’s role is crucial to ensuring the high standards of conservation impact our volunteers achieve and has easily stepped into the job after being a Zoox Experience Programme volunteer himself in February 2014.

Alan’s tasks on the Zoox Experience Programme led him to work with other local governments and NGOs training volunteers in the Philippines, making him the ideal candidate to guide Zoox volunteers in our project locations, ensuring their professional development and high conservation impact.

Whilst Alan has a passion for the science behind marine conservation, his people skills and approachable nature make him a hit with all the stakeholders we work with. From schoolteachers and tricycle drivers to dive guides and managers, Alan is unrivalled in his ability to engage all of them for positive conservation impact. His well-rounded set of skills allows the volunteers to learn his holistic approach to problem solving and working with communities.

In particular, Alan enjoys bridging the gap between science (monitoring) and conservation believing, like the rest of us, that this is the foundation of effective conservation. You can follow this on his Twitter page @youngmanandtheC and can be contacted directly on 


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