Our Conservation Policy Anemone

Our Conservation Policy

To avoid the unnecessary waste of natural resources by:

1. Using methods of transport which have the lowest carbon emissions where possible

  • Instead of short haul flying we use public transport e.g.buses
  • Where possible we use buses instead of taxis
  • Bikes / legs are always our favourite! (Ok, maybe it's not our favourite in the heat, but we do it for the ocean!)

2. When working abroad we aim to:

  • Eat responsibly sourced and sustainable fish
  • Avoid all restaurants selling shark and other endangered/critical species
  • Help reduce any waste of fresh water, particularly on islands
  • Choose fan cooled rooms over air-con
  • Use the internet for networking, advertising and communications to prevent airfreight and reduce paper use
  • To never use plastic bags where possible
  • Support all recycling efforts
  • To always abide by the Green Fins Code of Conduct and Environmentally Friendly Diving and Snorkelling Guidelines when working in the sea
  • Encourage all the people we meet to do the same

3. When working in the office we aim to:

  • Always to turn off the lights, printer, computer fans/heater when not in use
  • To reduce the amount of lighting in the office and have low energy bulbs
  • To have power saver schemes set up on all computers in the office
  • To never print unless absolutely necessary and recycle our paper
  • Never overfill the kettle when making the tea!

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